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AI Driven

We distribute a fixed percentage of profits to our charity ecosystem. 

We are working to build a partnership with United Nation, more specifically with Unitlife, a fund targeting chronic malnutrition under the patronage of Philippe Douste-Blazy

AI has become an everyday part of our lives. All is linked with data valuable assets.


Assets Management will only be driven by AI in the future. Our AI has been successful for 18 months and counting. 


About Us

We invest in companies at different stages of their evolution and we offer the opportunity to actively participate in their future success. 

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Abdallah Chatila
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Florian Rais

CEO & Founder of Chatila Rais

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Rachid Oukhai
Serge Humpich

Peculium Founder & CEO

Peculium CTO


Founder of Chatila Rais

CRI & Crypto-currencies

CRI has a multi year experience within crypto currencies, but it is in october 2017 that we have decided to strategically positioned our efforts into a particular projet; advising, supporting and investing within the team of Peculium. 

Peculium is based in Paris, founded by French data scientists. Peculium is a platform managed by a group of crypto and blockchain specialists who have developed a very powerful predictive tool. 



The idea was born from a fact: It is no longer acceptable in a world of digital assets, that only people with banking access can save for their future.

In fact, the fastest growing part of the world population don’t have access to a bank but do have a mobile phone and internet access.

It is this philanthropic commitment that motivates CHATILA RAIS INVESTMENTS in this project. The president of the board is M. Philippe Douste Blazy, former minister of France and a person commited to work against social inequalities in the world. He is currently chairing a UN fund fighting chronic malnutrition.

Our Vision

"Our ambition is to duplicate what has been so succesful in the past". 

About 30 years ago the first hedge funds trading equities, derivatives and other asset classes were created.

Few individuals such as Louis Bacon or Paul Tudor Jones were perceived as true pioneers of this nascent industry and have become true legends. The best traders of the moment wanted to join them.

Few groups have emerged and are today key players in their relevant fields.

As them in the past, AIEVE and its partners can become key players in this new asset class.

Our ambition is to duplicate what has been so succesful in the past. 



Aieve / Peculium

The Peculium platform is a pioneer in the most promising technologies promoting savings, blockchain technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and crypto currencies.

AIEVE is an artificial intelligence tool supported by state-of-the-art Big Data and Machine Learning technologies which are fed by blockchains data.

Philippe Douste-Blazy 

PDB sets new ambitions with UnitLife, a fund he created to fight the severe malnutrition. Chronic malnutrition is a poorly known disastrous condition hurting children within their first 1000 days, reducing brain development to 70%! 


Financial Model

The financial eco system of PECULIUM - AIEVE is based on the value of its PCL token. 

The PCL is called a utility token, which its sole purpose is to pay for the use of the products developed by PECULIUM AIEVE. 

Its maximum number is set and will never been increased as it is defined in its Smart Contract, which is the fundamental deed of the project. However, its total supply can be decreased. Multiple asset management products will be proposed by CRI Asset management, and like those offered to retail investors by AIEVE. Those investment products will see their fees and performance fees paid in PCL. 

The value of the PCL will therefore increase depending on the underlying demand of AIEVE PECULIUM AI products. 

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