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Our Story

Chatila Rais Assets Management SA, also known as “CRAM”, is a Swiss based wealth management company. The founders of CRAM were convinced by the enormous potential of crypto currencies in the future but realized that it would require a very specific approach to attract investors into a highly volatile and unknown asset class. When they met Peculium’s team, it was all clear they had found their strategic partners.

Abdallah Chatila

Co-Founder of Chatila Rais

Businessman and gifted self-starter who has been particularly successful in Geneva’s real estate industry and has established himself over the past 10 years as one of its most prominent players. He heads and is the sole owner today of the M3 Group (, a leading group active in real estate, hotels, restaurants, events and various direct investments. Abdallah is also known for his many charitable actions and relentless efforts to help those in need wherever they are. Abdallah is a visionary behind CRAM, believing in the bright future of digital assets as well as there must be a new and more social way of doing business in the future.

Florian Rais

Co-Founder & CEO

Florian started his career at Pictet private bank where he was trained as an investment manager. He was then sent to Pictet in London to head the team of investment management for their private client division. He set up his own investment management company in 2004 with a group of important clients for whom he continued to manage private and corporate wealth. He has been very active in private equity investments and corporate structuring. He spent about 15 years working with Russia and ex CIS countries and had experiences also in China, Israel, Canada and the US. He partnered with Abdallah in 2017 to explore new investments opportunities and learned from his vision that business today must have a greater purpose than just being profitable, it has to make an impact to improve the conditions of the less fortunate. CRAM is an expression of such vision.

Philippe Douste-Blazy

President of the Advisory Board

Philippe has served as the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and special adviser on innovative financing for development. Philippe is a medical doctor and a politician, appointed over his career as the French Minister for Health, Minister of Culture, Foreign Minister and was mayor of Lourdes and Toulouse. Philippe has set up UNITAID fund together with President Chirac and the
United Nation and recently has been launching a new UN fund UNITLIFE. Focused on helping the most in need and developing new solutions to reduce inequalities he has been an early enthusiast of our Peculium project. Philippe is convinced that the qualities of crypto currencies and blockchains, such as transparencies, instant transactions and free cost of any avoidable financial charges will be a great future tool to bring needed financing to the most in need around the world.


CRAM strives to offer unique investment opportunities through one of a kind participation certificates identified by a Swiss International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN).

CRAM mission is to empower asset managers and qualified investors to seize the tremendous financial opportunities arising from the blockchain revolution.

CRAM has an exclusive right to use and promote for qualified investors of AI investment tools developed by PECULIUM.


CRAM is part of m3 GROUPE, active since 1950, which employs more than 650 employees in Geneva and is also well known for its philanthropic activities worldwide.

CRAM is a daughter company of Chatila Rais  Investments company (CRI), which has been set up to engage in private equity transactions. CRI offers strategic and financial advice as well as innovative pilot projects by investing in companies at different stages of their evolution and offering the opportunity to actively participate in their future success.

CRAM larger ambition and conviction is that effective investment management in the future will be driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Not only for cryptocurrencies but for any asset class, as the quantity of information has grown so fast and is so diverse that it would be nearly impossible for any human to achieve an educated opinion about an
investment and achieve to compile all of it without the use of machines.


We have the right team to help traditional investment managers to achieve this goal.

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