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Our Story

Chatila Rais Asset Management SA, also known as “CRAM”, is a Swiss based wealth management company. We, as the founders of CRAM, were convinced by the enormous potential of crypto currencies in the future. This is why we decided to develop a very specific approach to attract investors into a highly volatile and unknown asset class.


Our goals

Allow traditional investors to take advantage of the cryptocurrencies market without the hassle and complexity of the cryptocurrencies environment

Bring to investors simple and actionable investment ideas

Give you an alternative to index investing or black box trading systems

Who are we?

Founder of the company is a seasoned investor with more than 20 years of experience

Managing Partner - Former Head of Pictet Investment Company in London

Experienced team of investment managers lead by French portfolio manager based in Asia

Our approach

Actively Managed Certificate, Swiss ISIN number, accessible from any bank, USD denominated

3 year strong track record, +430% absolute performance


Daily NAV, weekly liquidity

Transparent Investment strategy relying on in-house technical indicators

Focusing solely on down-side risk management

Chatila Rais Assets Management SA, also known as “CRAM”, is a Swiss based wealth management company. The founders of CRAM were convinced by the enormous potential of crypto currencies in the future but realized that it would require a very specific approach to attract investors into a highly volatile and unknown asset class. When they met Peculium’s team, it was all clear they had found their strategic partners.

The Team

Florian Rais - CEO & Founder

Florian Rais has been internationally active for the past 15 years in direct investments and company
restructuring in Russia and the CIS countries, Canada and Israel, among others.


With vast experience in different management styles and in how companies should be structured and positioned to achieve growth, Florian quickly identifies critical mistakes that could lead to companies’ failures.

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Anthony Fournier - CSO

Anthony’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself early on, as he launched his first venture, De Roval Champagne, while still at university.


Six years later, he was managing 30 people and distributing De Roval in over 15 countries. His drive to find and create opportunities led him to different countries, developing or acquiring stakes in companies in fields as varied as olive oil distribution in Spain, real estate and hospitality in London, digital marketing and multi-brokerage in Dubaï. 

Anthony partnered with CRAM in 2019, firmly believing in the bright and immediate future of digital assets.

Maurice Dana - Senior Manager

Maurice has over 18 years of experience in private wealth management in top-notch financial insititutions. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit with passion for innovation and is also an ardent supporter of responsible investments.


He brings valuable knowledge, expertise and insight in trading, structuring and creating investment strategies and product development.

Today, Maurice acts as the AML director at Chatila Rais Asset Management SA.

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Celine Tixa - Office Manager 

Céline started her professional career in Geneva at Air France as head of commercial and technical operations. With experience in leadership and communication, she then joined an international school in 2011 where she was in charge of organizing, coordinating and managing various services.

Céline was subsequently asked to join the team of Chatila Rais in order to assist the company in regards to its operational and administrative needs. Her determination and commitment are strong assets that contribute positively to the objectives of the group.

Discover our Products




CRAM strives to offer unique investment opportunities through one of a kind participation certificates identified by a Swiss International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN).

CRAM's mission is to empower asset managers and qualified investors to seize the tremendous financial opportunities arising from the blockchain revolution.

CRAM has an exclusive right to use and promote for qualified investors of AI investment tools developed by PECULIUM.



CRAM is part of m3 GROUPE, active since 1950, which employs more than 650 employees in Geneva and is also well known for its philanthropic activities worldwide.

CRAM is a daughter company of Chatila Rais  Investments company (CRI), which has been set up to engage in private equity transactions. CRI offers strategic and financial advice as well as innovative pilot projects by investing in companies at different stages of their evolution and offering the opportunity to actively participate in their future success.

CRAM larger ambition and conviction is that effective investment management in the future will be driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Not only for cryptocurrencies but for any asset class, as the quantity of information has grown so fast and is so diverse that it would be nearly impossible for any human to achieve an educated opinion about an
investment and achieve to compile all of it without the use of machines.


We have the right team to help traditional investment managers to achieve this goal.

Do you have any doubts about CRAM? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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